Common Mediums of Communication

Published: 05th October 2011
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Communication is a part of our everyday lives. Certainly, we can never live without it. How can we express ourselves, send important information, or just call somebody without communicating? Well, because of its importance, our means of communication was widened by specialists and inventors. These common mediums are the ones that we use everyday in order to communicate with one another and indeed, we can never imagine life without these. Here are some of the common gadgets and mediums that we use since the early times until today.

Radio - These gadgets were actually used during the early times wherein people have to go out for war. These media however, can only perform exchange of short messages within a certain distance. Nowadays, radios are still being used by securities and other utility personnel and sometimes, children use these for fun too.
Pager - After the radio, the pager became a hit. These tiny gadgets which you can use to send short messages were used before mostly by our parents. It is funny to think that during the old times, you will be considered popular and rich if you have a pager.
Telephones - These media is still being used nowadays. Telephones were actually one of the oldest means of communication. However, as the technology continues to grow, the telephones today are more developed than those of the early times.
Mobile Phones - These wireless phones were actually inspired from the telephone itself. The physical appearance of a mobile phone is actually similar than that of the telephone. However, it does not have any chord and you can bring it wherever you go.
Cell Phones - As days go by and the human mind became more and more creative, the cellular phones were invented. The first sets of cellular phones were actually very simple and had combined both the characteristics of a pager and a telephone. By using the cell phone, you can send instant messages which are commonly known as text messages. You can also call people with this provided that you have enough cell phone load balance. However, people were not that satisfied by these features which led inventors to add more and more applications to it. Nowadays, a modern cell phone already has a double camera, video camera, games and other entertaining applications, sound recorder, music player, television, radio, and some even have internet access.
The Internet - This is the latest and most popular medium of communication nowadays. By using the computer, whether it is a desk top unit or a laptop, people are able to connect to different individuals around the world. Not only that but you can get almost everything that you need in the World Wide Web.

Scientists and specialists are still seeking for more ways to expand our ways of communication. However, we can also share our thoughts and ideas with regards to this topic. That is why there are a lot of forums nowadays where we could participate in. Cell phone forums, phone forums, and all other types of forums with regards to communication.

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